Hello everyone!!
I am a born and raised city girl who moved to the country to be with an amazing man with my son a year and a half ago. The struggle is real!!! I wouldn’t trade it for the world though!! It is a new adventure every day! I am also a bachelor prepared nurse and I am working on my masters with a specialty in esthetics. I am constantly reminded by all of those around me that I don’t fit in here and that’s what this page is all about! I will continue to prove them wrong! My boyfriend teaches me something new every day and I teach him that no matter what, I will find new ways to annoy him and he has pet peeves that he didn’t even know about!! At the end of the day we make a great team though. This will be my son and I’s first year in 4H and I will document our adventures here. I have always loved animals but never had anywhere to put them, now I do! I’m slowly but surely easing my boyfriend into the small zoo that we will soon own. I have a great talent of not knowing what’s going onĀ and saving lives! I also like to laugh at myself because I’m a blonde, city girl living in a brunette, country boys world! (Are you singing the Barbie Girl song too? No? Are you now?!) I am immersing myself in the culture while not letting go of who I truly am. I love to cook and do arts and crafts, sometimes it’s an epic failure and sometimes it’s a success! I hope you enjoy!!
XOXO #BFB (BFB is a nickname I acquired from my city friends when I moved out here as a way to laugh at my ridiculousness. It’s all in fun! I wore UGGs until I got boots and yes, I am drinking a pumpkin spiced latte in my main photo, on purpose, it only seemed appropriate!)


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