This little gem was born Jan 23rd, 2016. I named her Raccoon. I was warned not to name my animals because they aren’t pets and I shouldn’t get attached to them! I still do. I’ve named them all. I don’t get attached though. They come and they go. Have you seen the Sears commercial where the women needs glasses and she calls her cat inside? She says “Come snuggles with mama?” but she really brings a raccoon inside? That is how this beauty got her name!

I love having a bucket calf. Even though I know she could leave any moment I love feeding her and petting her! My boyfriend is sensitive to this. He is not attached to her in the least but he knows I am so he lets me do my thing! He calls them my therapy animals. I think deep down he’s laughing but that’s okay! She now follows me if I let her out of the pen! We will be getting my son a bucket calf soon for 4H! It’ll be his first year. Well, my first year too! Such a learning curve! I never thought I’d have a 4H kiddo! The amazing values and morals that 4H teaches children though is like nothing else you could ever imagine! I am so thankful that he is getting to be a part of it this year! Bring it on!!! 


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