4H Shooting sports!!! 

Today was my son’s FIRST 4H shooting sports competition in our home county! I don’t know if it was “home field advantage” but he did amazing!! He got the best score he’s ever gotten at any practice!! He’s 8 and the rules are he can not go to the state competition until he is 9 regardless of score, a minimum score of 200 is required to go to state and his personal goal was a score of 150 today!! He shot a 195! BOOM!!! I’m not a competitive mom, hello! C-Team softball right hurrr!!!! I told him he’s only competing with himself and just bettering himself and that’s all that matters. Yup! I’m “THAT” mom!! He smashed his goal today and we couldn’t be prouder!! He did a little dance on the line, I may have encouraged it, that may be frowned upon. Lesson learned! He even did a little fingers interlocked, wave dance!! (I Googled it, it’s a thing!!!) Love 4H! Can not wait for next weekends shoot!! 


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