Tis the season! Gardening season!!!

I have heard you and I will make my followers happy!! It will be my 3rd annual city girl in a county boys world garden!! You heard me loves!!! Yes, it is back!!! I wrote up all of my plans last month and it’s about to go down!!! The boy, my son and I are prepping the ground now!! Just call me Ms. Claus once again!! Compost, check! Ground tilled, check! Seeds started, check! Ground “floor plan”, check! Comment your favorite produce so I make sure to plant enough!!! I will be planning my road trips accordingly so I can deliver. As always, I don’t charge to share my produce with friends and so please don’t be shy!! For all of my new followers, I know I can’t share my produce with you but I will share all of my secrets for great yields and my step by step process!! I am growing my own seed by go to your local home and garden location and get your plants. I am in SW Kansas so I will plant during my optimal time. They can let you know when the best time to plant in your zone in! Best of luck to all of you who love to get as dirty as I do!! Garden.jpg


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